Resurg | The One Minute Manager

When the book was first published it was well received by those looking for some simple inspiration to improve their management skills. However the more cynical readers asked was it really to possible to manage human beings with all their complications in instalments of one minute at a time. As the make believe manager in the book admits this is not literally achievable. The concept of one minute management is just that, a concept. The idea being that you dont need to spend hours deciphering the behaviour of your staff, they can be managed far less complicated way than the thinking of the time would have us believe. There are three key elements to the One Minute managers technique: Agree on goals No more than six to be assigned to each staff member. Each goal is written on a separate piece of paper. After agreeing the goals the staff member now knows exactly what it takes to perform their role to a satisfactory standard and therefore the communication between manager and subordinate is reduced. Regular reviewing of goals Employees should read through their goals regularly and analyse their performance in line with the expectations set by the goals. In this way staff can ensure that they are meeting the standards required. Not only does this free up the managers time it also helps to create a positive and fair working environment. The workers do not live in fear for their jobs because they have a very clear understanding of whether or not they are performing their roles correctly. The staff members will also provide regular updates to their manager and the manager in turn will offer one minute praisings where appropriate. The One Minute Manager is always on the look out to catch his staff doing something right so he can use the opportunity to praise them, therefore increasing motivation and further driving improved performance. Should a staff member not be performing their role in line with the goals set it is time for a one minute reprimand. This reprimand focuses only on the actions of the individuals, not the person themselves. The manager will state the fact the work is not up to the staff members normal high standards and finishes by reminding how valued the employee is in the organisation.
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